Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the charge for use?

TocPlus is a FREE service. No extra charge, no trial period. As soon as you sign up, you can insert chat windows in your own website and enjoy it immediately.

Can visitors talk one another with TocPlus?

Since TocPlus Live Help Service makes customers talk with shop operator only 1:1 like instant messenger, visitors cannot talk with each other.

Community chat room for many people could be crowded, whereas TocPlus Live Help Service allows you to talk with your customer 1:1 comfortably.

What kind of website can I add TocPlus Live Help?

Every website is possible which you run by yourself.

Every website like EC-hosting and open market which javascript can be put in is available to use TocPlus Live Help.

Is it possible to put chat windows in many websites?

Yes, you don’t have to register the address of your website to the TocPlus.

I’m an operator, but I can see only the "Guest" when I typed some message.

After operators sign in to the TocPlus and go to the Live Help page, you can talk with your visitors. Try to learn how to use with Live Tour.

In case too many visitors come to my website

Post many operators
You can post many operators and make them talk with visitors. More than two peoples can concurrently sign in with the same ID.

Do not show a chat window for a new visitor
If so many customers visit your website that you can not cope with them, you can decide not to show them chat windows temporarily. Click the option, “Do not show a chat window for new visitors.”, in the Live Help page. Note that you can continue to talk with existing visitor who you’ve already been talking with.

Is there any limitation on the number of operators?

No. We don’t have any limitations on the number of operators.

A chat window is hidden by a flash movie.

In case flash and chat window are located in the same place, a chat window can be hidden as follows.

In this case, you should insert following sentences onto the HTML code which you put flash files in.

Then TocPlus window will be showed as follows.

In case of not showing a chat window

Check up on the followings.

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